Why Cryptocurrency is the Future of Money


The last ten years have seen a very rapid rise in popularity for cryptocurrencies. The reason being the rapid growth and the transparency it provides. The second and most significant reason is that a huge chunk of the crowd believes that it is a better alternative to the financial system.

It all started after the 2008 recession, when people lost their money and jobs. After which the new way of executing economics was practiced, from which the users will be assured of transparency and accountability.

People began to wonder about the potential alternatives to the current financial system as cryptocurrencies grew in popularity. With this, many countries now accept cryptocurrency. Many people do not accept cryptocurrencies despite their gradual growth and large user base because they lack trust and knowledge of how to use them.

It is predicted that in a few years, the crypto market will be the future of money, as it is accepted globally in many nations and there are many businesses set up on the crypto market. What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a mode of payment with its own network, and it is completely decentralized. It is a digital asset that provides a completely secure mode of transaction. With cryptocurrency, anyone can send or receive from anywhere. The cryptocurrency eliminates the physical mode of transaction; users can pay purely digitally, where every entry will be recorded on the public ledger. Each of the transactions recorded on the ledger is available in the public domain.

The first cryptocurrency created was Bitcoin, which is now the most valuable asset in the crypto world. Bitcoin was a revolutionary asset that made fortunes for people, currently valued at around $28,187 per bitcoin. No wonder bitcoin has made much of a profit for investors in the past decade. On the other hand, currencies like Litecoin are gaining popularity because of their rapid growth. The best part about cryptocurrencies is that anyone can buy or sell them without any interference. After verification, people can easily access cryptocurrencies.

Why is Cryptocurrency So Popular?

Cryptocurrency is popular for various reasons, one of which is hidden in the name itself. To verify each transaction, cryptocurrency employs encryption. Every transaction process involves a high level of coding. From the storage and transfer of cryptocurrency from the wallet to the public ledger. Everything is coded and secured.

The prime focus of the cryptocurrency is to provide a high level of security with proper transparency, for which it uses the blockchain technology. Blockchain is a type of distributed database or ledger in which the ability to update the blockchain is distributed among public or private computer participants.

If you have the capital to invest in bitcoin or in a transactional network, you can earn a good amount through it. This opens up the chances for everyone; with advanced computers, anyone can mine bitcoin. The mining process revolves around solving critical math equations, which are solved using the software & miner. By solving the problem, it verifies the transaction and later creates a new block on the blockchain.

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies makes them independent payment systems. Nobody has any control over how much you have access to, and it is not monitored by any bank servers. This makes it difficult for thieves to steal the cryptocurrency. Your money can be kept in digital wallets on your phone or on a computer. These are the main factors contributing to its widespread popularity, with its quick expansion over time serving as the final justification.

The Dawn of DeFi People require a system that provides transparency, security, and ease of access, and DeFi provides a solution to all of their problems. The failure of the centralized system created chaos, and the lack of freedom and credibility led the people to believe in DeFi. Many find DeFi a perfect replacement for the traditional financial system. Because of the investment, borrowing, trading, and lending, DeFi is gaining more attention, as it works as a catalyst. As the DeFi system is designed and created on the public blockchain, it becomes the most viable alternative to the current financial system, and anyone from anywhere on the globe can connect to it.

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The popularity of the DeFi is rising because of the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Investors are well aware of the top crypto exchanges, and they believe in cryptocurrencies. DeFi offers all the services (such as lending, borrowing, etc.) without taking large commissions or fees. In DeFi, we have smart contracts that process the transaction when the conditions are met.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency

As cutting-edge technology continues to advance and the cryptocurrency gains acceptance, it improves as a form of money. The other benefits of the cryptocurrency are as follows:


Cryptocurrency has brought a revolutionary change in the mode of transaction. The customers now don’t have to wait as much as they did while transferring money with traditional banks. They don’t have to fill out slips or wait till the server gets sorted; people can transfer money with one click. Although UPI, which was created in India, is a part of the traditional banking system, it is currently unavailable in western countries.


As the cryptocurrency runs on cryptographic techniques, the system protects the data from falling into the wrong hands or into Crypto scams. The data is not available to an unauthorized user. The transactions are encrypted, so people can track the transaction but not access the profiles of the sender or the receiver if they want to maintain their privacy.


As mentioned above, financial records can be traced for proof, but people cannot access the source. The transactions are highly secured with codes, and because of the public blockchain ledger, theft becomes impossible. The transactions that have already been processed or completed cannot be forged or changed.


In the financial system, transparency is the most important factor. Our traditional banking system lacks such transparency. The data that is stored on bank servers is somehow misused, and people are trapped in such scams. In cryptocurrency, the data is encrypted between digital wallets. There are some chances of your data or money being stolen from hot wallets, but from cold wallets, there’s no way any person can steal the data. Every transaction is available on the public ledger, and if your money is stolen, you can trace it down on the blockchain.

Global Acceptance

Cryptocurrency is globally accepted because of its seamless transactions. In the traditional financial system, users have to pay a particular amount of tax for each overseas transaction. But crypto is inexpensive, and it is quite easy and quick. As the user base expanded over the period, many nations accepted crypto as a mode of payment.


Winding up with the article, currently, cryptocurrency is far ahead of its time, as it took a decade or so to get global recognition. In the coming future, cryptocurrency will grow and have the potential to outrun the current financial system. Because of its volatility, people tend to stop believing in crypto, but it still has a long path to cross as the decade-old system has the potential to replace century-old systems.

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