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Online Creative Writing Courses With Certifications And Top10 Platforms To Do Creative Writing Courses

Writing in simple terms and simple usage of words will make readers easy to understand and to write in terms attracts people more. Usually, people always love to read storytelling articles and it creates a different impact on them and it attracts them to the company’s brand and product. Creative writing is the most demanding career in all types of industries, the one who writes in an imaginary form and represents informally are said to be Creative writers. This article will help you know the world of Creative writing and career options and the institutes which offer Creative writing

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What is Creative Writing?

Before we see about the courses we will see what writing is. Creative Writing is all about writing in your imagination and creatively expressing your ideas. The writing does not include professional, academic, or technical forms of writing. It is all about expressing your thoughts in a manner rather than in a formal way.


The writer has all rights to use his/her imaginary ideas to get emotionally connected to the article. It helps the readers to understand the article effortlessly. Online Creative writing courses with certifications and top10 platforms to do creative writing courses 2.

Types of Creative Writing

Fiction and Poetry are considered the major part of writing and they are many we will look into some of the types of writing:

  • Poetry: The poet brings the attention of the readers by writing in an artistic form of writing. The writer is given a chance to express his ideas in a form of rhythm.
  • Movie: The script writer adds value to the movie by writing in words to attract the audience to the words he includes including it.
  • Novels: Novels have the most number of imaginary content genres including romance, thriller, etc and the novel is considered the most popular in writing.
  • Plays: content is most important in plays which define how the writer can write it in a form.
  • Advertisement & Marketing: Ads are to be in a form that defines the band and connects to the audience.
  • Personal Essays: Essays include more content and finally the content in the essay is the main factor.
  • Songs: If a song is written formally it loses its grip of the song but when it is written creatively the lyrics of the song do not lose their grip.
  • Speech: The speech of the person will attract the audience when the speaker speakers in a form.

What Should I Do to Gain These Skills?

Practice makes a man perfect. For gaining this you will need regular practice and consistency in your practice. There are many institutes which offer this course and in the training period, they will teach you how to write and many more. Certain techniques will gradually improve after you keep writing

Here are some in-demand courses in India that you should learn

  • Content Writing Mastery Course
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technical Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization’s
  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing

The Elements Of Creative Writing:

  • Plot: This includes the outline of the work
  • Characters: This includes the people who will react to the work
  • Setting: About the plot information
  • Theme: It includes the main idea of the work

What Should I Do to Become A Creative Writer?

Follow these steps to become a writer:

  • Read: Before starting, read some of the articles written by others so that you will come to know the outline of the topic that they have written and you will also have an idea of how to start writing.
  • Keep Writing: Do regular practice writing and do not ignore the random ideas that hit your brain. Jot down all the points and keep separate notes for the points that you have made and it makes to create your content.
  • Niche Selection: When it comes to writing always have an interest in your topic so that you can add some creativity to it while writing and niche makes the writer make the article specific to the readers.
  • Keyword Research: The next step is to research your keyword which is what is the keyword that people are searching on google etc. The keyword research tools are Ahrefs Google Keyword Planner, Ubersugest, etc.
  • Finding the right audience: Writing in our niche is a good habit of the marketer and then writing for the right audience and giving them a solution for their problem is the important role of any writer.
  • Start to right: If you are a beginner you should write whatever comes to mind that is related to the niche and after practicing more you will become a writer in a stipulated period.
  • Add some elements to your writing: writing is always in the form of imagination and if we had some elements like rhyme, simile, etc it gives some extra weight to the article.
  • Storytelling: People love to hear stories and they love the content which is in the form of an untraditional way and it connects to the reader’s emotion.
  • Adding a Catchy headline: Catch headline will attract the readers to visit the article you have written and it will spotlessly bring the reader to the article and makes them visit your article again.
  • Enrolling in the writing course: If you have the right guidance and the one who rectifies your mistakes in your writing is a good mentor and I will recommend joining writing institutes to get more knowledge, practice, and gain experience in the particular industry.
  • Get an Internship or Training: For every industry, you step, the training period is the most important for the particular job. Especially if you are a beginner you should get an internship or go for training in writing because if you get more practice then you will become a master in it and you can teach others what you have learned here are some of the platforms you can get internships LinkedIn, Internshala etc and you will learn from the industry experts.

Best Institutes for Online Creative Writing Courses in India:

1. IIM Skills:

IIM Skills makes the dream of writing content true with their training course and it also makes the learners start their agency of freelancing career to make their professional career. They have trained more than 10k students. Here is why you should consider IIM Skills for their Creative writing course

  • Online Live Training: In this 4week online live training you will be taught from basics level to advanced level by the industry experts.
  • Internship: After 16hours of training you will have an internship for 3 months which is mandatory for every student to enroll in their internship you will be benefited from the training and you can start your career as a content writer in a company or you can start your agency and further you can build your brand.
  • Tools covered and assignment: In this training, you will have some assignments to do and the assignments are super interesting and prepare for the future job market, and the tools covered in this train g are WordPress, Google keyword planner, MailChimp, etc.
  • course curriculum: It includes article writing, blogging, SOP, and Press release, E-Book Release they even have case studies and some master modules and you will get lifetime access to the course and you are in their safe hands.

Read more about IIM SKILLS Course

2. Udemy:

Udemy is an online course platform that has numerous courses for every topic you want. If you want to learn the art of Creative writing there are many courses available in the udemy market and every course they offer is beginner friendly. It has some free courses and paid courses and you can choose according to your convenience. The best thing about udemy is they give only short and crisp courses to their learners. Here are some of the beginner-friendly courses offered by udemy.

3. Internshala:

Internshala is the biggest platform that offers internships and offers some industry-related courses with placement assistance. Here is the reason you should consider Internshala creative writing course.

  • Pre-recorded videos: They have pre-recorded lectures where one can learn at their own pace
  • Course Structure: The course structure includes an introduction, fiction, editing, screenplay, advertising, etc
  • Hands-on assignment for getting an experience: They offer assignments after completing each lecture so that you get some practice and they will review your assignment
  • Placement Assistance: After completing your training you will get an internship and from the training from the internship you can get a job with an internship experience

4. Writing Ink:

It is the best platform for beginners to learn and it has some advanced courses for people who want to learn more and upskill their skills. Here is the gist of the courses they have.

  • Six-week beginner course:

It is completely for beginners and it is also for people who haven’t written anything. The course structure includes.

   a)Getting Ideas

   b)Character Developing

   c)Using sense

5. Writerstudio:

They are in the industry for 30 years and they will train as the professional Creative writer and their experienced trainers will train you from the beginning to the end of the training and we will see about the course they have.

  • The course duration is 4 weeks and you will get to learn in-depth concepts and tools you need to write
  • They will provide course materials for references
  • The course curriculum is

  a)The Power of Imagination

  b)The writing art

  c)Story Developing

  • They will give you assignments to practice so that you will be ready for the industry and they will review the assignment you have done

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6. Indira Gandhi National Open University:

IGNOU was established in 1985 by an act of parliament and it is the world’s largest open university. It has been opened for the following vision.

  • To promote education at the best to the community at the large
  • To encourage distance education in the country pattern
  • They offer a Diploma in Writing
  • The eligibility criteria for the course is
  • 10+2 will be admitted to the program
  • People who do not undergo 10+2 but above 20 will be admitted
  • The Minimum Duration of the program is 1year
  • The Maximum duration of the program is 4 year
  • The Fee structure is 3800+200 is a registration fee
  • The program is beginner friendly and will be taught from the scratch and they will be trained as freelance writers to gain knowledge in that field. The course format is
  • Principles of Writing
  • Project
  • Short story
  • Writing for media

7. Writershq:

It was started in 2012 by Sarah, Jo, and the team to tell their story to the world.

The courses offered by them are:

  • Writing Short Fiction
  • The First Draft
  • Writing in the time of climate change
  • Write what you know
  • Couch to 5k words
  • Troubleshoot your novel

They even offer some free courses:

  • Writing a tiny novel
  • Editing 101
  • Writer’s HQ guide to productivity

8. Writers Bureau:

It has been started in January 1989 to show their secret of publishing the article online and the aim is to provide their training to any age group of people and they have a course writing course.

The most popular writing course offered by them are:

  • Comprehensive Creative writing course:

 It is a complete beginner course and you will get exposed to the different styles of  writing and after the training of the course you can become a full-time freelancer or part-time freelancer in Creative  writing and their experts will be from the beginning to the end of the course to guide you and they will also help you giving tips on copywriting, style and presentation.

Some of the other courses offered by them are:

  • Proofreading and copyediting course
  • The complete copywriter course
  • Novel and short story writing course
  • Non Fiction writing course
  • Article writing course
  • How to market your book course

9. Coursera:

It is the biggest online learning platform where everyone can get access and the courses are offered by big universities and companies. Here we will see about some of the popular courses on Creative Writing.

  • Wesleyan University:

It is one of the best courses on the Coursera platform which has more than 4.6 ratings out of 5.

The course has specialized in creative writers and includes writing an ebook and short story and every content writer must include some creative skills in their content so that it makes the content interesting to the readers.

It is a beginner-friendly course so that people who haven’t written a single word can get access to their course and after the training, they will become a professional creative writer and make their content in a different style and with a different imagination. During the training period, you will be given the assignment to get some hands-on experience to get more practice on what you learn.

  • Writing and editing:

You will get to learn tips for a paragraph like a professional and techniques to add some elements to your writing and habits that are needed to complete short and long-term projects. The course Curriculum includes.

  • Word choice and order
  • Structure and organization
  • Editing and Drafting

At the end of the course, you will get a certificate.

 10. Hubspot Academy

It is a student-friendly academy and it is free to get access you will get a certificate for free and they will teach from the basic to advanced level to make every one industry ready creative writer and anyone who wants to learn from basic or they want to get an update on the current market can opt for this course. The course content includes proper writing, styling, editing, and writing according to the SEO that learners can learn and they will also get to learn how to create and modify according to the audience they are targeting and the learners will get to know about the SEO in detail which includes keyword research on the page, off-page, and site audit so that it helps them to rank better for a particular keyword they have chosen and they will also get to learn about generation of content ideas consistently. The course contains 12 concepts and after each concept, you will get a quiz to test how far you have understood the particular concept at the end of the course you will have to complete the test and after completing the test you will get your certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I learn Creative writing for free online

They are many online platforms that offer this course free of cost and the platforms include udemy, edx, etc.

2. What are the skills required for being a creative writing

Creative writing helps to gain many skills that will help you in your professional career.

Some of the skills are

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Ideas
  • Editing
  • Targeting the right audience for the right keyword
  • Communication Skills
  • Promoting your own product

3. How to Do Keyword Research

They are many tools available in the market that helps you pick the  right keyword for your niche.

4. How to Find My Niche

Niche find is depending upon the interest you are having in a particular topic.

5. What are the Career Opportunities in Creative Writing

  • Blogger
  • Copywriter
  • Freelance writer
  • Social Media manager
  • Editor
  • Storyteller
  • Journal Writer
  • Senior Content writer

6. How Can I Develop This Skill

You should keep practicing and daily you should have the habit of writing daily and mainly you should write for the search query of the people.


In this article, you have information that requires for being a Creative writer and it is now for you to choose which course you can take but ever leave these skills and these are in-demand skills in the market and there are many job openings for this industry, especially in digital marketing.

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