Top Songs For Christmas Party Playlist 2022

Top Songs For Christmas Party Playlist 2023

If there’s one thing that always gets us in the holiday spirit, it’s listening to the most awesome Christmas songs ever while baking a batch of festive Christmas cookies. While we love all of the old-timey classic songs we grew up with, there’s something special about the modern Christmas songs we’ve heard in recent years.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best holiday songs of all time, including hits by Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Mariah Carey, and many more to help you create the perfect festive playlist for your Christmas party. Whether you want to listen to these popular jams while decorating the Christmas tree or cooking Christmas dinner, these festive holiday songs will have the whole family dancing and singing. All you have to do now is hit play, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and let the Christmas spirit wash over you.

7 Hit Songs To Play At The 2022 Christmas Party

1.’All I Want For Christmas Is You,‘ by Mariah Carey

It’s hard to believe, but Mimi’s irresistible earworm was once just a forgotten novelty song from another standard-issue pop-singer holiday album. Hearing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’re for the first time in a year is one of the most reliable signs that the holidays have arrived in a post-Love Actually world. When it was released in 1995, the song was a flop, but it exploded in cultural cachet in the aughts, gradually rising in popularity year after year until it finally topped the US charts in 2019 and the UK charts in 2020.

2. Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’

‘Last Christmas,’ a ballad of doomed romance, features sleighbells and synths, as well as some truly memorable knitwear in the video. But it’s George Michael’s heart-on-sleeve delivery that truly distinguishes ‘Last Christmas’: his genuine heartbreak horror (‘My God! I thought you were someone to rely on’) and thoughtful, sexy whispers. ‘Merry Christmas’ song has never expressed so seductive.

3. East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day

East 17’s all-time Christmas classic was never intended to be a Christmas song. According to Tony Mortimer, a songwriting member from Walthamstow, England, it’s actually a very sad song inspired by his brother’s suicide. That raw emotion seeps into the group’s gorgeously somber four-part harmonies and even the obligatory Christmas song sleigh bells, resulting in a peerless exercise in festive melancholy.

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4. Darlene Love’s ‘Christmas (Please Come Home, Baby)’

Is this the most moving Christmas song ever? Probably – the combination of Darlene Love’s impeccable pleading vocal, Phil Spector’s gloriously tinselly production, and Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry’s magical songwriting could melt even the most jaded Scrooge. It’s simply the perfect Christmas song.

5. Bobby Helms’ “Jingle Bell Rock” (1970)

Remember The Plastics dancing to this in Mean Girls? History! Fun fact: The song debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019. Only 60 years, four months, and two weeks were required.

6. Jonas Brothers’ “I Need You Christmas” (2020)

Christmas with the JoBros! This song is about the joy of spending Christmas with family, which many people were nostalgic about when it was released in 2020, at the height of the pandemic.

7. Meghan Trainor’s “Holidays” (featuring Earth, Wind, and Fire) (2020)

Meghan Trainor’s look in this video has me completely smitten. I want to be completely covered in Christmas decorations! A fun one to play while working on your holiday nail art.

8. ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

Let’s have a rocking Christmas, C’mon! So you have a smaller venue and don’t want it to feel too (Santa) Claustrophobic. Beyond Acoustic delivers big things in small Christmas packages.

With these guys, the name says it all, as they can offer so much more, including Bandeoke on request. When you hear voices singing “Let’s be jolly,” even if they are your drunk Uncles’, you will feel sentimental.

9. ‘Warm This Winter’ With Gabriella Cilmi

They’ll keep me warm this winter! A lesser-known but more energetic feel-good winter song that will go down a storm. Storm can, in fact, perform it live for you. Here in the UK, we love talking about the weather, and these guys are one of the most talked about and fastest-growing acts. If you’re looking for something extravagant to impress your guests, this is an excellent choice.

10. ‘Let It Snow,’ By Dean Martin

Don’t be concerned about the weather; nothing sounds more festive than swing, and we have the incredibly talented Gary & The Saxettes on hand. With all of the smooth and classy jingles that are equally appropriate for a dinner dance as they are for a dinner table, they will be sure to get the party started in full… swing.

11. Shakin’ Stevens’s  ‘Merry Christmas To All!’

It’s time for parties and celebrations, with people dancing all night! The Ringers are sure to get the dance floor moving. The professional sextet takes great pride in its bespoke playlists, so why not include some Christmas favorites in the spirit of the season?


If you are also looking for the best songs for this Christmas, your search ends here. We have provided a list of the top 11 songs that are highly popular. So, get ready to feel the holiday vibes and enjoy your festive season.

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