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Tips to Master Home Appliance Repair

With care and proper maintenance, any home appliance can last much longer than specified. Some practical know-how, a couple of tools on your belt and a can-do attitude can fix and maintain anything around your home. Australians are known for their ingenuity, practicality and do-it-yourself behaviour, and you can be part of that noble tradition. When something stops working in your home, you don’t have to call an expensive repairman immediately. Here are some tips & tricks to make your life a bit easier.

1. Rule of Half

Let’s say that your machine, any machine, has a six-year lifespan. Realistically it can last nine years, following the rule of the half. Part two is calculating the cost of repair. If all estimates indicate that your repair bill would be half of your machine’s worth, then you should not bother. These two factors are the first to consider when you wish to repair something. Machines naturally degrade over time, both mechanically and technologically. If both items check out, we recommend buying a new appliance, as it’s more feasible. If not, then you can continue with the next steps.

2. Tools of the Trade

You can’t repair appliances with duct tape alone. A repairman is only as good as his tools, and your toolbelt needs to be stacked. Different situations require a different approach, and if you have some essential tools around the house, you can start with repairing. Modern appliances are built to be disassembled with ease and consist of mostly electronic parts. Mechanical parts get loose over time, degrade and need replacing or get accidentally damaged. Having the tools to approach your situation is already half the battle.

3. YouTube is Your Friend

You can find insightful tutorials on YouTube for just about any home appliance and get started with basic repairs and maintenance. Once you find the perfect video and begin approaching the repair process, you’ll need reliable and good LG washing machine parts to finish the job. Repairing is done in the real world, but finding parts, and getting the necessary knowledge and insight, is all done virtually now. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can become a basic handyman, with the right attitude. Slow, steady and meticulous are the three main ingredients of home repair.

4. Modern Codes

Even if your appliance has an electrical problem, modern displays will show some type of error. Most modern devices are programmed to detect faulty components and notify you immediately. When this happens, Google is again your friend, as you can google the error code and your appliance type to get some immediate answers.

Sometimes the code will indicate a simple fix, unclog or checkup. In other situations, it will indicate which part is broken or needs some troubleshooting to get it repaired. Codes exist to give you a head start. When you combine them with YouTube guides, home repair tools and the general information available online, you will be more than ready to tackle some essential repairs!

5. Consider the Noise

Never doubt your senses and your gut feeling! Whenever your appliance makes a different type of noise, you should act upon it immediately! Take, for example, the washing machine. Due to centrifuge, moisture and great forces that are created over time, it’s natural that some of its hoses get loose or jammed. Removing the top and back will reveal if something needs tightening or replacing. Balancers, springs and hoses are all getting used up, each time you turn on your washing cycle. A seemingly costly repair can be a loose screw or a single hose that needs replacing.

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Calcium from water (or hard water) is also the main culprit in most machines that need water to operate, like dishwashers. Using products that remove calcium will prolong and unclog your machines, restoring their operating potential. Never underestimate the power of maintenance, because your machines need love to perform. They can never operate at full capacity like when they were brand new, but you can always be close to the initial feeling with maintenance.

As with everything in life, if you want something to last, you have to maintain it. Leaving your costly appliances to their devices and ignoring the tell-tale signs of repair will only degrade them faster and lead to costly investments. Despite popular opinion, machines today are built to last, as we become ecologically aware by the day. By maintaining them, you are prolonging the day when you will discard them, which saves you money and helps keep the environment clean. The sooner you change your mindset and outlook on home appliances, the sooner you will be able to reap the rewards!

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