Time To Move Sage 100 To A Hosted Environment

Time To Move Sage 100 To A Hosted Environment 

 A lot goes into handling various sides of a manufacturing business, be it managing the production, operations, material inflows, or product outflow. Depending on the scale of your manufacturing business, you would want to manage various processes with the help of an advanced ERP solution. If you have already zeroed in on Sage 100, you have won half the battle. Being an advanced ERP software, Sage 100 ERP is best suited for manufacturers with distinct industry requirements. It is power-packed with features like inventory and stock-level management, Bill of Materials (BOM) generation, purchase and sales order synchronization, and more. 

As technology evolves, we have moved from manual manufacturing management to an ERP solution. The question that you might want to ask is – 

‘Should you switch to cloud-hosted Sage 100 from using it traditionally in a local setup?’ 

As more and more businesses are switching to using SaaS-based business applications, they expect their business to follow a growth trajectory that runs parallel to the latest technologies. Sage 100 ERP hosting has become an increasingly viable alternative. If you are wondering what cloud hosting means in relation to using Sage 100 features, you would like to experience how your licensed Sage software would work when hosted on the cloud. Because of this, you might not be aware of the value that will be added once your Sage data and software are moved to a cloud server.

Here’s why you should switch to hosted Sage 100 on a cloud server in 2023: 

  • You Will Get Anytime-Anywhere Access 

The more accessible an ERP solution is to you and your team, the easier it will be for you to plan for work productivity and output. If you have Sage 100 hosted in a local setup, you must have seen your team members working on the software installed on their allocated computer systems. If there is any technical issue with the system or an individual is not in the office, you can expect a delay in the throughput.  

But with Sage 100 ERP hosting, you can deal with such delays in a better way. You may access your Sage 100 accounting files and software from anywhere once they are hosted in the cloud. Due to how essential remote software access is to manufacturers, you will find most of your peers shifting to cloud-based Sage software accessible at the click of a button.  

Indeed, allowing your employees to access business software remotely is one way to improve workplace productivity, and it is possible with the help of a Sage hosting provider. 

  • You Can Save More Money:

When your ERP programme is hosted internally, you are required to spend thousands of dollars on expensive servers. These funds are necessary for maintaining the infrastructure and employing IT professionals. If that’s not financially feasible for your business, you need to tilt your perspective toward accessing cloud-based Sage 100. 

Cloud hosting for Sage 100 offers businesses like yours multiple cost-saving opportunities. Firstly, you need not invest in buying and setting up in-house servers when you have a reliable cloud solution provider by your side. Second, the cloud provider will even manage server upgrades and maintenance, giving you more time, money, and resources to use in accelerating business growth. Besides this, you can also access additional computing resources as needed, eliminating the need to buy expensive hardware. 

  • You Will Benefit From Disaster Recovery Solutions:

Depending on the scale at which your manufacturing business operates, you also need to invest in backing up business accounting data and the ERP system files for protection against catastrophic losses. Indeed, losing such data can be detrimental to your business from various angles, which is why having a data backup plan is a must. Instead of investing in on-premise disaster recovery solutions, you can benefit from Sage 100 hosting with in-built BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) features. 

Hosting your licensed Sage 100 desktop software on the cloud will provide you with regular backups and maintenance facilities. In the case of any unforeseeable event like floods or earthquakes, you will be in a position to recover data hosted on cloud servers. In this case, Tier 3 or Tier 4 data centres spread across many regions host the data. Even if one server fails, the other takes its place to ensure data recovery on your side. Therefore, you need not worry about physical hardware failure or in-house troubleshooting of servers. 

In addition, you can ask for help from the chosen cloud hosting provider to migrate your Sage 100 software files and accounting data to the cloud server. 

  • You Can Collaborate More Effectively With Your Team:

Sage 100 ERP hosting also helps in creating a business-friendly environment for your employees. They can communicate and collaborate on different work-related tasks in real-time with the help of cloud technology. Since hosted Sage 100 ERP software is accessible using any Internet-connected device, you can make it easier for them to stay on the same page. The real-time collaboration between employees on cloud-hosted data can help improve the manufacturing process while also reducing the time to market. 

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This will be much better than disconnecting the workforce in an on-premise software configuration. Since your accountants can work together on the same files simultaneously, it will eliminate any lag in reflecting the change in data reports required for business purposes.  

If you have witnessed interruptions because of low-performance on-premise servers, now is the time to switch to Sage 100 hosting and work more on achieving manufacturing targets in 2023. 

  • Your Data Will Be More Secure On The Cloud: 

You might already have a few security measures deployed in the on-premise environment. You have invested in them to cater to the data security needs and protection against cyber attacks. But what if these measures are not enough? Your data will still be vulnerable to external attacks like malware, antiviruses, etc., and that’s a problem. 

To keep your Sage 100 software and data in a safer environment, Sage 100 hosting solutions can help. Most trustworthy cloud hosting providers, like Ace Cloud Hosting, excel at ensuring comprehensive data security on their cloud servers. Unlike one or two security measures deployed in a local IT environment, cloud-hosted data is protected with multi-level protection. It is based on firewalls, anti-viruses, intrusion detection systems, data encryption, and more. 

In other words, Sage 100 hosting means your data will be safe on a third-party cloud server irrespective of what happens to the hardware. 

If you are now convinced that Sage 100 hosting is better than using local-hosted Sage software, here’s the last thing you need to be careful about – 

How to Select a Cloud Hosting Provider? 

In the current competitive business environment, having a fast and reliable ERP solution is quite crucial for manufacturers, irrespective of the product type they produce. But to go with the cloud technology trends, hosting that solution on the cloud is the next big thing. If you want to migrate your Sage 100 software to the cloud, hiring a reliable cloud provider should be done this way: 

  • Look for the top-rated cloud hosting providers that support Sage hosting. Check their experience in the market, existing clientele, and service reviews if available. 
  • Now, look at the business-specific needs you want the hosting solution to fulfill. Make a list of your expectations and then compare it with the features of available hosting plans. 
  • Look at the pricing of different Sage 100 ERP hosting plans and check whether they involve a shared or dedicated server. The latter option is highly recommended. 
  • Opt for the free trial to get accustomed to using Sage hosted on the cloud. 
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