Order Food In Train

Quick Whatsapp Trick To Order Food In Train

All of you who already like taking the train will now love it even more. Why? This is a result of the fact that you may now use WhatsApp to Online Food Order on Train while traveling. In order to give customers more useful options for food delivery inside passenger trains, Jio Hapik and the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have partnered. Currently, Indian Railways passengers can order food through a WhatsApp chatbot.

Indian Railways customers may now use their PNR number and a WhatsApp chatbot to order food on train for the rest of their trip, and it will be delivered right to their seats. You don’t even need to download the Zoop app, which is the best part about ordering meals. Any approaching train station that is a stop on your train route will get delivery of the food. The Whatsapp service allows you to quickly and conveniently order your favorite food.

Using Their Pnr Number, Travelers Can Place Food Orders Using Whatsapp

Thanks to a collaboration between this service and Zoop, train travelers can now Order Food in Train on WhatsApp while traveling. Customers can purchase food using their PNR numbers. With real-time order tracking, feedback, and support, they may order something through the most recent WhatsApp chatbot, “Ziva,” and have it delivered straight to their seats.

Zoop ensures that the entire ordering process is completed solely within WhatsApp, unlike other WhatsApp solutions. Customers can conveniently and hassle-free order food from IRCTC online for delivery in trains. without having to download any more programmes or applications.

Customers are helped to find eateries as a result of the service’s direct Whatsapp message engagement with them. according to their PNR, Train, or Station number. In a statement, the official claimed that “the recently introduced service is presently having experienced fast development. Through WhatsApp, daily communications are set to a bigger scale. It is simple for everyone to use this service.

How To Place A Meal Order On Whatsapp?

Here are the procedures for placing an Online Food Order on Train using this chatbot platform. It makes it simpler to order food on trains.

  • The first step is to tap Hello in the WhatsApp chat window. There is a notification with a button to select options.
  • Decide whether to order food.
  • You must provide your PNR number. If you don’t remember it right away, choose the search by station or search by train options and enter the necessary data.
  • For example, the restaurant from which you want to get food, the station where you want to get it, and the food itself.
  • Currently, Haptik is in charge of WhatsApp commerce, despite the fact that it is by far the most popular messaging app. According to a remark in the release from Swapan Rajdev, co-founder and chief technology officer of Haptik, “our robust Conversational Commerce solution enables businesses like Zoop India to leverage WhatsApp as a platform to drive orders and create fantastic customer experience.”

What More Services You Can Get From Whatsapp?

“You can contact Zoop India on WhatsApp at 7042062070. It also provides a quick and easy 3-click payment process. Use WhatsApp to place an immediate IRCTC food order with help and real-time tracking” The sentence goes on.

More than 100 A1, A, and B Category railway stations provide the services. include those in Kanpur, Agra Cantt, Tundla Junction, and Balharshah Junction, as well as those in Vijayawada, Vadodara, Moradabad, Warangal, and PT. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya.

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Passengers can order a variety of meals from particular eateries using their PNR number. Using the first and only meal delivery zoop app in India that supports WhatsApp, such as Veg Thali, Veg/Chicken Biryani With Raita, Standard/Jain Special Thali, etc.

You can utilize a lot more services using WhatsApp. Additionally, you may view your live train status, as well as the time till boarding and departure.

Additionally, you can now voice your complaints on WhatsApp. Because using WhatsApp is highly convenient for all age groups.

Using Whatsapp, You Can Order Food

When using Zoop to Online Food Order on Train, you have the best chance to do so while on the train. Let’s look at some of the cuisine you can order using the Zoop Whatsapp feature.

You can order a variety of delectable combo meals.

Rice and Chole, Butter chicken combo, Rice and dal is the ideal meal to eat while traveling. You can choose many more combos. 

You can choose a vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali if you want a full meal.

Veggie thali includes Pure Veggie Dum, Paneer Veggie Curries, and Mini Vegan Thali. Standard Thali Thali for vegans- (120) South Indian Thali, Pure Veggie Biryani Thali, and Servings of Biryani With Raita are all vegetarian options. Satvik thali, Jain thali, and other types

You can also order bengali dishes, cakes, pizza, burgers, beverages, juice, south indian food, rajasthani food, gujarati food, mughlai food, agra petha, biryani (all types), paranthas, continental food, italian food, pure veg food, jain food, satvik food, and food from every state or city through which your train will pass.

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