Handmade Greeting Cars For Christmas And New Year

How To Create Handmade Greeting Cards For Christmas And New Year At Home?

Christmas is coming near, so it’s time to get creative—not just with the green gifts, but also with homemade and inexpensive Christmas cards—to show our loved ones how much we value them.

People appreciate receiving a handcrafted greeting card for any occasion. So, why go out to the store and pay up to $10 to $20 for a card that won’t make the recipient as happy as a homemade card would? You can easily make a greeting card from scratch or on the computer, and you might even have fun doing it.

handmade greeting cards for Christmas and New Year

Want to give something unique to your near and dear ones this festive season? We have got different and easy ways to create handmade greeting cards for Christmas and New Year. Follow the steps outlined below to add a truly personal touch to your greeting cards by making them yourself at home.

DIY Handmade Christmas Greeting Card Ideas

Combine your sustainable and eco-friendly gifts with personalized handmade greeting cards and make your family and friends feel special. Grab some paper, cardboard, fabric, scissors, glue and some embellishments and get ready to unleash your creativity.

1. Fragrant Cards With Aromatic Xmas Leaves And Wreath

Here’s a great idea for making a fragrant Christmas greeting card for those who appreciate nature, plants, and ecology. You can gather the fragrant herbs from your garden and make a few small wreaths out of wire using Xmas tree, bay tree, rosemary, sage, etc. The wreaths can then be applied to the card where we will write our warmest greetings (Merry Christmas & Happy New Year). At the time of handing them over to your near and dear ones, you can apply perfumes on the card to make it aromatic.

Handmade Greeting Cards For Christmas

Tip: You can also add Xmas leaves, some pearl beads, or stars made from orange peels. Further, you can add flowers or different embellishments to make it more appealing.

2. Window Christmas Greeting Card

Go to your garden and get some leaves of Xmas tree. To make a window handmade greeting cards for Christmas and New Year, you’ll also need a cardstock, scissors, pearls, ribbon, or anything you want to add on it. Fold the cardstock and cut it in a rectangle of 21 x 29.7 cm. Cut from the middle leaving a gap of 5 cm on each side, remember you have to cut from the front paper and not from the paper at behind. Now make a window from the paper taken from the middle section. 

Open the card and add the leaves of Xmas tree in a triangle shape in the middle. You can also add some pearls or Christmas decorating accessories to make it appealing. Now fold the card and add the window in the middle on the front page. Make a bow using the ribbon and add it in the bottom. Your card is ready. 

Christmas Greeting Card

3. Greeting Cards With Old Buttons

Always in the spirit of creative recycling, you can make a greeting card out of some simple buttons. Divide a piece of cardboard, then decorate it with buttons and markers to make the perfect Christmas images. Use red, green, and blue if you’re using white cardboard. If you have coloured cardboard, use a white or silver marker instead.

Greeting Cards With Old Buttons

Tip: The concept is to use recycled paper as the base of the Christmas card. You can later embellish everything with coloured buttons, bows, paillettes, or stickers.

4. Christmas Card With Matchbox

You can make unique greeting cards with a surprise effect using matchstick boxes. You must decorate the top of the box with glitter, beads, or simply make a cover out of old newspaper or magazine pages and write your message on the part containing the matchsticks.

Christmas Card With Matchbox

Idea: The idea is to personalize your card by inserting small pictures, perfumed candles, perfumed flowers, chocolate, sugared almonds, or candies for a truly unexpected surprise!

Wrapping Up

Our best advice is to simply have fun! There is no correct or incorrect way to make a Christmas card, so be patient with yourself. Making your own handmade greeting cards for Christmas and New Year is a great way to rekindle the holiday spirit you may be missing this year. It also gives you time to relax and think about the loved ones to whom you’ll be sending these cards.

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