Holistic Remedies To Help Dogs With Skin Allergies

Holistic Remedies To Help Dogs With Skin Allergies

Pets are extremely sensitive compared to human beings. Dogs are loyal and are said to be a man’s best friend. They are better interpreters and learn body language very clearly. What if your loyal friend is uncomfortable and facing some health issues? Facing health problems like itching, allergies, indigestion, etc., are highly painful and irritating. 

If doctor diagnoses your dogs with skin allergies, how frustrating it can be for them to bear constant scratching and burning sensation. As pet parents, you must be concerned about their health. You can take some necessary measures to make your dog free from discomfort and pain.

Keep reading to learn about the effective & holistic home remedies to treat dogs with skin allergies, harmful infections and itching. 

What Are The Causes Of Skin Allergies In Dogs? 

Dry and itchy skin can leave your dog feeling miserable and unhappy. Although there could be other reasons too, thus, it is necessary to understand the reasons for this drastic disease. So, here we will discuss the causes of dog itching: 

Dogs with skin allergies

Dry Skin:

There are various factors that can cause dry skin in dogs like dry weather, deficiency of fatty acids, and many more. These factors cause itching and they have to deal with the discomfort of scratching the skin. 

Hormonal Imbalance: 

Skin infections can occur if your dog’s body does not produce enough thyroid hormone or produces too much of the hormone cortisol. This will lead to itchy spots and your dog may scratch or lick as if allergic. 


It can be caused by food, ear infection, fleas, pollen, and many more. When dogs come into contact with substances such as pesticides or soap, it leads to itchy skin allergies.  


When the dogs are dirty and have not taken bath for a longer period of time, it will make their skin dry and infectious. This can cause severe itching and discomfort.


Sometimes, dogs could have self-injury like a sharp stone stuck in their foot, which leads to painful clots over their paw. So, most of the time clots do not heal properly which will cause itching and excessive pain over the toe. 

Diet Plan: 

Itchy skin may sometimes indicate signs of diet taken by them. Some dogs are allergic to common ingredients like beef, chicken or wheat. These food items cause allergies on the feet, face or belly which is very painful and harsh.

Effects of Itching In Dogs 

Itchy skin in dogs can be caused by various problems. The condition in dogs may vary and depend upon the causes. There are many skin diseases that do not cause itching at first but become severe after time. Itching can be caused because of secondary bacterial or yeast infections. However, the most common causes of itching are parasites, skin infections, and allergies. So, here are the symptoms of diagnosing dogs with skin allergies:

  • Redness all over the skin.
  • Excessive hair loss.
  • Chronic changes like thickening or permanent hair loss.
  • Licking, chewing or scratching the area.
  • Self-injury like chewing paws constantly.
  • Bleeding from the itchy spots.
  • Rubbing the infected area and swelling over that part.
  • Feels smelly.

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Home Remedies For Dogs With Skin Allergies

Most of the time, we ignore the minor problems of our dogs. This will make them physically weak and fragile after some time. So, it is necessary to take suitable action at the proper time to keep them healthy and happy.

To keep your dog free from bacterial infections and allergies, home remedies or are the best solution to treat minor to severe diseases. These skin allergies home remedies are cost-effective and keep your dog safe from allergic reactions. 

Routine Oatmeal Bath 

If your dog is going through a chicken box throughout the body, the best solution is an Oatmeal bath in a daily routine to soothe the itchy skin. Oatmeal contains healthy chemicals i.e avenanthramides and phenols which have anti-inflammatory properties to heal the skin. 


Plain yourt is a tasty and healthy treat for your dog. The active bacterial organisms in yogurt enable the balance of bacteria in your dog’s intestines. This is the best home remedy that is specially designed for dogs. 

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is also a better solution to soothe the discomfort of the skin. It can be used for various skin infections as well as allergies of the dog. 

Vitamin E Oil

This oil is a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight germs and prevent free radical damage. It also protects against UV radiation to make your dog spend a lot of the time outdoors. This is very effective for itchy skin and can be easily applied to dry skin. 

Balanced Diet

Many dogs are allergic due to the ingredients found in chicken, wheat or other food items. These ingredients cause rashes on the dog’s body. So, feeding your little pet a balanced diet helps to soothe and nourish the skin. The diet includes rich carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids that improve digestion. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

It is the best antiseptic and contains antifungal properties. Apple cider vinegar is a natural, safe moisturiser for dry, itchy skin. It should not be used on raw or open skin because it will sting the exposed wound if your dog has itched their skin raw.

Wrap Up 

Dry and itchy skin makes your dog feel irritated and can cause unbearable pain. So, it is necessary to take effective measures to help them live better and healthy life. Always get natural and vet-approved supplements such as Advance Immune Restoration For Dogs to boost the immunity & strength of dogs from reliable brands. 

Do you love your pet the most and want an effective solution to treat them with harmful infections? Use organic and natural supplements to get relief from pain and treat harmful infections. 

Vitality Science is a trustworthy and experienced company in the USA helping dogs and cats fight against various health diseases. These natural remedies are effective for their body infections and keep them healthy and active. So, adopt the natural ways to treat your loved one with care and affection

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