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5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Designing Your Book Cover

Having your book cover designed is one of the most exciting aspects of publishing your book, and I know you are anxious to get started! But before proceeding at full speed, there are a few things you should think about. Most authors nowadays hire book cover design services for the job. But why? Because they have a professional team of designers with years of experience and can design book covers that stand out from the rest. 

So, whether you are designing your book cover yourself or planning to hire book cover design services, there are a few things that you must consider before finalizing your decision. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the point. Here are the five questions you must answer before starting your book cover designing process. So, let’s start:

What Will Fascinate Your Target Audience The Most?

When designing your book cover, follow the similar approach that you utilized by writing a book for a specific audience. Doing so will make it easier for readers to relate to the idea of your book. Consider the imagery, fonts, and arrangements that best engage your readers. For example, illustrations highlighting the advantages of workout in a book about diet and health might entice readers and give them the sense that they can achieve their goals if they purchase the book.

However, if your book is about politics or business, another idea would be to include an image of a government building or clever vector graphics. Market research is an excellent approach to getting started. So, check out what sells and what doesn’t in your category. This approach is more practical to gain a sense of what engages your readers than imitating other authors’ ideas.

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What Type Of Images Would Best Reflect Your Story?

It can be challenging to choose an image for your book cover. Photographic, illustrative, and vector-based pictures are the three most commonly used graphics you can use on your book cover. Fictional books have a variety of design options for their book covers. Why? Because they must reflect greater creativity and expression. However, non-fiction books tend to be considerably more precise. That’s why there is less room for experiments in them.

But that doesn’t mean they cannot fit into one of the categories. Keep your options open for different styles as, more than anybody, you will know what image will best represent the tone you want to portray. Illustration can inspire the reader to imagine entirely new worlds. Moreover, to better understand what other authors are doing, research the most popular and least popular visual styles at your nearby library.

However, you might have to rely on stock photos if you can’t afford an illustrator or a designer. This isn’t necessarily bad, though, as most stock image websites offer millions of photos, making it less likely that your chosen image will be used on another cover. 

What Will Make Your Book Dominate Other Books Ion Your Genre?

Every author wants their book to look like others in its genre to appeal to their target readers because readers will be drawn to your cover. But you want to stand out from the other books on the shelf; you don’t want to blend in. Designing your cover at a thumbnail scale will help you see how to make the best effect, even from a distance.

Another strategy is to go above and above with your book cover design by avoiding genre-specific photos and using an image that captivates readers and makes them want to know more. For example, you can add a picture of an empty stairway in a psychological thriller to better relate to your story.

What Kind Of Author Representation Do You Want?

This is an excellent opportunity to show off your creativity because your reader will be more familiar with your book cover than the first paragraph. However, you should feel at ease with the message and tone of the cover because you will have a lifetime relationship with it as the author.

Which Font Styles Do You Want To Use?

Your book cover design will include elements that make it look appealing. So, you must make sure that every element looks perfect. That’s why the fonts you choose for typography are important. In addition to offering information about your book’s genre or topic matter, It also provides a sense of professionalism that most book covers lack due to inappropriate fonts. Finally, use a font that adds excitement to your cover or improves its feel rather than one that is bland in style and only serves the practical purpose of being readable.

There are a variety of appealing fonts available online that you can find in the library on your computer. Moreover, several websites offer fonts for free for commercial use. However, keep in mind that the more appealing the font, the more probable you will find it in other books. So, browse different fonts and choose the unique one that goes well with your book.


So, these are the five questions you must answer before starting your book cover design process. Moreover, if you have no prior experience in designing a book cover, I strongly suggest hiring book cover design services for the job. They have a professional team onboard with plenty of experience designing appealing book covers. They are up to date on the latest literary industry trends and can assist you in designing a cover that will appeal to your target audience the most!

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