10 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

Keeping your physical body will always be our priority; we’ll check if there are any changes in our physical body and rectify them immediately. But what about mental health?

Do we ever spend quality time on ourselves to understand our mental stability? Nope, we don’t do that!

In modern societies, the awareness of mental health is slightly increasing, but still, it is not enough. Both physical and psychological health is equally necessary to take care of ourselves. So what can be done to achieve that?

Understand the value of mental peace and act accordingly to bring back your positive emotions, even during hard times. There are simple measures to focus on, which helps bring the game of understanding upfront.

Before that learn The Tips to Cultivate Self Love!

So let’s discuss the importance and tips to achieve the mental health phase!

Did you know?:Depression is one of the legal factors of disability worldwide!

You Need Your Sleep

Have you experienced frustration during your morning time? You can’t focus on things; all you can get is irritation, and everything makes you feel sad and stressed. Can you recognize it?

Well, it is because of your sleep pattern. Sleep has been the dominant reason for stress and anxiety most of the time. This is because sleep problems cause many psychological issues; not getting enough sleep worsens things with pre-existing conditions.

Get yourself in bed early and wake up fresh to avoid all the conflicts behind that.

Tie Your Hands On Technology Usage

You might not consider yourself as a social media addict or technology addict. But in reality we are actually. So how can we drop down the cost of using social media in our daily lives?

There are few simple factors that help you to put down the mobile phone for an effective amount of time.

  • Try to challenge yourself by not touching your social media for a day/hour. It might provoke you to use it, but try not touching it and see what happens.
  • Keep your mobile phone somewhere far before your bed, where you can’t reach it easily. For example, you can keep your phone on the dining table and came to sleep in your bedroom.
  • Eat your food, not the phone! Put down your phone for sometime while eating.
  • This has to be the last thing you see before going to bed or waking up in the morning.

But this doesn’t encourage you to stay rock, cut down the amount of time you’re using and work on with yourselves.

Did you know?: Being a LGBTQ+ member tend to have 3x more mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders rather than others

If You Need Help, Ask for it

If you need help

Going for a mental checkup with psychologists is normal; people assume that only lower mental stability persons will reach out to mental health specialists. Well, that is absolutely wrong!

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We can take this as a myth or a prestigious issue that needs to be abandoned in society. But, on the other hand, it is okay to feel low or down and need someone to pull your hands off it. It may be your best friend, colleague or therapist.

No one has to go through things alone; you might always have someone around to boost your mindset. Of course, people understand the concept of mental health these days, but still, this is not enough.

Did you know?: Half of the mental health related issues shows its earlier signs before that person turns into 14 years old and three quarter of the signs shows before turning into 24.

Your Mental Health Exercises

Mental Health Exercises

There are plenty of ways to improve your mental ability. The more you give out, the more you get back. In the sense, if you push out all the negativity which is present in your mind, you receive positivity and power even in your worst case scenarios.

Practice the below few mental exercises which prevent you from the worst!

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Stretching out
  • Laughing out loud
  • Listening to music
  • Dancing from the soul

Activate Yourself

You may be wondering what can bring you a diversion. Why not try something new?

If you are looking to join a cooking class forever but still hesitate to join, this is your cue! Join the class to get a complete diversion from the issue, which is to keep on jogging in your head. Try new recipes to the table and allow yourself to enjoy the moment and be proud of it.

But remember, this is just about you. The skill you’ve wanted to try for so many days has to focus on you; it doesn’t have to make a career change. This activity stimulates your brain to stay happy, excited and healthy.

Did you know?:Despite the challenges, people with mental challenges tend to live productive lives.

Focus On Your Eating/Drinking

Food will always excite people, no matter how sad we are if something which makes you tempting we deliberately wanted to try that. But it doesn’t work like that.

Having too many calorie based foods will affect your physical health, and that leads to a major impact on your mental health. Completely shutting down your favourite foods won’t be nice, it’s okay to have some. But jumping on it will be a fuss!

Maintain a proper diet like having your meals on time, eating healthy vegetables and fruits, and there are several food properties which pull out the best results. It also helps you to improve your stress, anxiety levels and make your sleep pattern a better version.

Foods Varieties Influences Your Mental Health

🍽️ Vegetables – Carrots, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Onion, Garlic, Brussel sprouts

🍽️ Fruits – Bananas, Berries, Citrus based fruits, Avocados

🍽️ Nuts – Walnuts, Dried apricots

🍽️Legumes, Beans, Fishes

These above are the few sample variety foods which bring out the best for your mental health.

Did you know?:70-90% of people with mental illness who seek proper treatment showed a significant improvement.

Stay Active

Exercise or other physical activity impacts your body and mind, like how eating or sleeping habits. So keeping yourself active is a must, whether it be a sport, long walks, Yoga, gym, or running.

It will focus on your stress and anxiety levels and help you improve your self-esteem. Although staying active is not easy for everyone, it struggles daily. Try boosting yourself by jogging with your pal or listen to your favourite music/podcasts.

Make A Effort To Re-connect

Effort To Re-connect

Uniting with others is an essential part of living a well-balanced life. Socialize yourself with authentic friends with whom you can enjoy being around. It will help you improve mental stability by kicking off the negative feelings.

Find an activity, such as a board game or puzzle, or have some chit-chatting time. It is totally up to self; there’s no need to go alone. We are meant for socializing, so focus on your friends.

Wrap Up Thoughts

These above points are just a reference for mental health. Many other issues need to be considered to bring a balanced life.

Each person’s stability may vary with the other; it is okay to feel low or down. But seeking proper treatment matters the most. Look out to reach for people who can give their hands.

Remember, you are not alone! 🫂

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